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For any industry – Compliance is complicated until it is executed correctly. OneDelta launched compliance management software, Complius that gears up your compliance into accurate, perfect and almost effortless execution.

More than 10,000 compliances, Intuitive email workflow, easy collaboration, document repository and many more features to explore for any market and industry size. With 100s of Acts, 1000s of rules and countless possible situations many organizations are overwhelmed with compliances. Complius not only resolves this complexity it brings in unprecedented automation and simplicity.

Solution to many Compliance is Complius

  • Avoid legal notices due to non-compliance

  • Amplify productivity of legal and finance departments

  • Reduce cost and time of audits

  • No missing proofs

  • Avoid last minute hassles

  • Attracts confidence of future investors

  • Improves complaince status of an organization

Real time Compliance Management Solution

Fill in your forms and complete your compliance using your email interface

compliance management software

Your Inbox becomes your compliance Software

Complius, premium compliance tracking software allows you to perform all your tasks using  your email interface. Whether you are large enterprise or a startup, compliance has never been easier.

  • Easy to use

  • Get automated tracker

  • Overview about everything what is happening on compliance

  • Dedicated SPOC for every client

  • Updated compliance database

  • Intuitive dashboard

  • Easy and customizable workflows

  • Effective proof processing

  • Search utility

  • Document management

compliance management software


Unqiue Compliances
Proof Processed Per Month
Discrepancies found
  • Over 50,000 + proof documents processed | 10,000 plus compliance database
  • Dedicated team of Company Secretaries, Lawyers and Tax professionals
  • Saves your time , money and business reputation

compliance monitoring software

compliance management software

Easiest and smartest compliance software

  • No logins are required; you can manage your tasks through email
  • No training is required
  • Only applicable and accurate compliance mapping through advanced algorithms
  • Dive into your requirements and extract information for all required license and additional documents
  • Email notification with appropriate escalations
  • Prioritize required compliance based on quantum of risk