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Sachin Aghor

CEO, OneDelta® Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd

John E. Matheson

Sachin Aghor , CEO, OneDelta Technology Solutions Private Limited. Sachin is a tech enthusiast with an engineering background and 2 patents to his credit. His experience includes 22 years in the software industry where he has led R&D, product development and management initiatives.

He joined OneDelta at the beginning of our journey and has been immersed in building and creating our success. Sachin led the team which conceptualized many of OneDelta’s core products and has been instrumental in the whole process from code development, validation through to product launch.

Sachin’s previous engagements included working with Avaya Inc. where he performed different roles across R&D and Marketing. He has successfully delivered multiple global releases of Enterprise Software products with revenues upwards of $30 m for the USA, Japan, China, EMEA and Russia markets.