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One stop for complete contract lifecycle management

Contractum, is a vital addition to your regulatory compliance software. It  offers a simple interface and ease of use enabling you to manage and control your complete contract workflow.

Contractum is an intelligent contract authoring platform and is a smart choice:

  • Contractum is cloud based and is accessible anywhere and anytime

  • Configurable contract templates and contract clause builder functions

  • Provides streamlined document management

  • Version control gives a complete contract history

  • Accurate tracking of collaborations

  • Integrated Digital Signatures

  • Final contracts are stored together with critical support documents

  • Accurate tracking of collaborations
  • Easy integration with your enterprise solutions

  • Complete transparency provides a clear audit trail

  • Integrated dashboard gives you an instant snapshot of the status of your contracts

contract management software

Real time Contract Management Solution

Provides flexible milestone reporting, automated email alerts and customized folder structure

Contract Management Software

Contractum, is a leading contract management software  solution, that lets you experience flawless tracking during the entire contract management lifecycle.

  • Smart contract Initiation

  • Smooth contract approval and execution

  • Highly customizable approval options

  • Transparent negotiation and collaboration

  • Easy contract visibility and search

  • Regular updates and status of contracts

  • Supports all document formats like email, word, pdf, jpeg etc.

  • Obligation tracking with clarity

  • Convenient Customizable workflow

  • Email based workflow

contract management software


Contract Document
Supporting Documents

Contractum is your best choice for Audit Ready, Legal contract management.

Easily integrated digital signatures. No more scrambling to complete  of audits, your perfect contract is ready.

contract management solutions

contract tracking software

Industries supported by Contractum?

Retail, Food & Beverages, Logistics & Supply Chain, Hospitality, Fin tech, Healthcare, Manufacturing, IT & ITES, Co-working spaces, Hotel Industry

OneDelta Systems and Solutions that keep you ahead of the competition

  • No logins are required; you can manage your tasks through email

  • Easy and intuitive user interface.

  • Supports digital signatures

The Central Repository system means that contracts are based on your approved templates makes your document management aligned The Central Repository system enhances your experience of managing documents. The repository consists of all contracts based on your approved templates with optional OneDelta templates available to get you started.

  • Allows secure storage and access to all contracts and supporting documents

  • Download and upload data quickly

  • Advanced search to find specific contracts and clauses