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Complius - legal compliance management system

Complius is a cloud based Legal Compliance Management system that allows a company to manage all its legal compliances in an easy and proactive manner. Our proprietary automatic compliance matching algorithm tallies an extensive and up-to-date knowledge base of compliance activities related to Indian Law, with relevant information that is custom configured for each company. We provide enterprise grade compliance solutions to a wide spectrum of companies.

We listen to our clients and build the right solution for the right problem. Technology is our forte and we make sure it all stacks up perfectly.

OneDelta Synergies is committed to building world-class cloud-based software applications in the field of Law and Finance, for enterprises of all sizes.

We have come together from diverse industry verticals with decades of experience.

OneDelta Synergies is a start-up lead by software product development veterans with an excellent track-record in innovation, technology and management. We have an average industry experience of 17+ years. We are backed by a young and progressive full service legal, tax and compliance firm in India with revenue growth rate of 100%+ year over year for the last 3 years.

We enjoy what we do

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